Thursday, August 31, 2017

Recruiting - Questions To Ask A Coach


So tomorrow is the big day.  September 1 and college coaches are finally allowed to call 2019 players. 

So what should players do to get ready?  First don’t expect calls at midnight. Sure some type AAA coaches may call then but we expect that most coaches will reach out to you before school for a quick conversation or after school when they can talk with you for more than a minute as your rushing out the door.

Second, be prepared with questions.   

There used to be a commercial with the tag line that “An educated consumer is our best customer” the same holds true here. When speaking with coaches, you need to ask questions that will help you get an understanding of the athletics expectations, academic opportunities, educational support, time commitments, and off-season requirements necessary to play and successfully graduate from that school.  

To that end we have prepared a list of possible questions for you.  You can find the list at Questions To Ask A College Coach
Remember that you are learning about at researching a coach and his program as much as he is recruiting you. Critical inquiry is important and a coach’s hesitation at answering something could signal a red flag.  Ask questions to make sure that you know what you are getting in to.  After all, to quote another old saying, "knowing is half the battle. 
We at BR wish you the best with your recruiting efforts.

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